Karate for Kids and Self-Defense Classes in Henderson and Las Vegas

Karel C.
Las Vegas, NV

I wrote a review two years ago about how much I recommend this martial arts studio-and I recommend it even more today.  I truly love this school…so much so that I joined the Legacy program to become an instructor.  I have been with this school for almost two and a half years.  I began as a white belt and will be testing soon for my 1st degree black belt.  I love the training I receive here and working with the other students.  We all help each other, and life skills that are taught are just as important as the physical training.  The students and parents have become a large family here…. we genuinely care and look out for each other.  And on a plus side…if you like competition, the tournaments are a lot of fun and myself personally-I’ve made many new friends from across the United States that I have competed with.  For me…it’s a win-win.


Previous Review 8/19/2018

My grandchildren and daughter started coming here right after they opened.  I could see a change in the entire family dynamic.  Granted-my grandchildren are not really troublesome, but there are always life lessons to be learned, respect to be taught along with the actual martial art itself.  Learning a martial art has been on my bucket list…so I joined a few months ago and I LOVE IT and I’m hooked!!!!   This school is truly for the entire family!!!!  Here you will learn the art of Taekwondo, but you will learn more than that….No participation trophys here….If  you want to advance you must earn it…like everything else in life.  Master Kevin Durant is an amazing teacher and truly cares about all of his students and their successes! I highly recommend this school and instructor and trust me when I tell you that you will not be sorry to be a part of this school.

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