Karate for Kids and Self-Defense Classes in Henderson and Las Vegas

Berenice B.
Santa Barbara, CA

To say that Master Durant and his staff are truly incredible is definitely an understatement. The reason we wanted to join ATA was because our 6-year-old was struggling with his self-esteem .

Our son can be very shy around his peers and struggles with social anxiety. His first two months were spent getting him into the mat and to join his classmates. Master Durant always made sure to approach him and engage him. My son slowly began to trust him and began participating in class with Master Durant (one on one). His self-confidence started to grow and now my son looks forward to coming to class and has started to engage in class with the rest of his classmates. I truly feel that this was possible because Master Durant worked with him at his own pace and celebrated all of his milestones.

Our 3-year-old also join also tiny tigers’ classes and loves James. He is learning discipline and making good choices. We are so happy to be part of the family.

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