Karate for Kids and Self-Defense Classes in Henderson and Las Vegas

Ashley W.
Las Vegas, NV

Family ATA Green Valley has been a true blessing for our family. When we first looked into martial arts for our kids, we knew we wanted to make sure our girls were properly prepared for any situation they are faced with at any age – social skills in elementary, bullying in middle school, the fear of fitting in in high school, rejection or acceptance in college, leadership and authority in adulthood, perception in the workplace, injustice in society, and more. We wanted to make sure they were equipped not only with the skill set to physically protect themselves but also the skill set to mentally protect themselves from others who may want to break down their confidence. We signed up our girls even before the school even officially opened because we found out Family ATA’s life skills were in line with how we wanted to raise our girls. Master Durant has stood by our side from day one in helping us to shape our little girls into respectful, kind, and strong young ladies. He has been able to help them find their own strengths that they didn’t even know they had. He helped them find their own voices in ways they never knew how to communicate before. Master Durant and the rest of the staff and families at Family ATA Green Valley has been the driving force in the success and achievements of our little girls at the school. We are glad we made the decision to come and stay for as long as we have, even if our girls came in kicking, screaming and crying on day one here! Everyone here has definitely become FAMILY!

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